Our Vision for Enhanced Development Relationships
Inter-Mediation envisages an international development system characterised by relationships that are fair, transparent and respect the diverse interests and capabilities of the parties involved.

Our mission. Inter-Mediation is dedicated to improving collaborative associations, consortia, multi-sector and other forms of development relationships.
Inter-Mediation’s involvement increases mutual understandings of purpose, enhances appreciation of the values and contributions of participants and, more directly, constructively addresses the asymmetries commonly found between development actors (donors, nonprofits, NGOs and government agencies). Dedicated to nonprofit organisations and the collaborations in which they engage, Inter-Mediation brings a comprehensive mix of skills and experience to enhance their relations across the world.


IMI publication: The Upside of Conflict, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2019

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IMI work on INGO partnerships recognized by the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre report “Monitoring and evaluating civil society partnerships“.

Legal status. Inter-Mediation has a Section 501(c)(3) not for profit, tax exempt status from the US IRS. Inter-Mediation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado, USA.