Enhancing Organisational Resilience and Programme Effectiveness: Adopting a Healthy Conflict Perspective

Our goals and approach. 

The goal of an initiative directed at intra-organisational disagreements and conflict is to improve how International Civil Society Organisations (ICSOs) deal with them in ways that improve both organisational resilience and programme effectiveness.  This effort was motivated by signs that highly disruptive forces are making heavier demands on ICSOs arriving at critical, strategic decisions with far-reaching consequences.

The initiative has involved:

  1. Using an online survey covering over 100 ICSO respondents in 23 countries, to assess the nature and degree of intra-organisational conflict in ICSOs.
  2. Conducting phone interviews of persons with significant ICSO experience.
  3. Form and consult with an Advisory Group of senior ICSO individuals and advisers.
  4. A literature review about intra-organisational conflict, adapting key concepts to ICSOs.
  5. Using the above to create proposals for ICSOs aimed at better addressing intra-organisational conflict that improves both organisational resilience and programme effectiveness.

We report in the following links/pages:

1. Why study the topic of intraorganisational conflict in civil society?

2. How we studied this? Our research

3. Our data; What we learned

4. Our recommended actions for civil society

5. Resources



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