A Healthy Conflict Perspective (HCP) for civil society organisations

  • Is an intentional and sustained orientation that treats ‘disharmony’ as a normal or
    desirable part of organisational life.
  • Provides institutional support for individuals and groups to work with conflict.
  • Enables the productive and constructive outcomes of conflict to be enhanced and the
    destructive impacts to be minimized.

We suggest an organisational wide perspective that avoids the error of viewing ‘conflict management’ as a niche, undertaken by the human resources department.  This seeks to find the upside of conflict. “Converting even a fraction of the energy used for conflict avoidance into a healthy approach to conflict “would pay off handsomely””. (Tversold 2008: 25)

The term “perspective” is meant to convey that what is sought is much more than a corporate or formalistic system – rather it is an attitude, outlook and broad frame of reference. An HCP has the four elements shown below as its foundation.


These foundational elements are described in the IMI paper on Healthy Conflict Perspective