Intra-organisational conflict resources for download by the Advisory Group

ICSO Survey Data Summary
A Way Ahead

General list of resources we recommend

  1. Questioning Partnership, The Reality of Aid and NGO Relationships, IDS Bulletin, #31 July 2000 , Edited by Alan Fowler
  2. Promoting Effective North – South NGO Partnerships, Vicky Mancuso Brehm, INTRAC, OPS #35, May 2001
  3. Partnerships: Negotiating Relationships, A Resource for Non-Governmental Development Organizations, Alan Fowler, INTRAC, OPS #32, March 2000.
  4. An NGO Ombudsman: A New Way of Enhancing Development Alliances in a Fast Globalizing World, Alan Fowler and Kamal Malhoutra, June, 1997
  5. The Potential for Dialogue: Brazilian NGO Perspectives on North-South Partnerships, ONTRAC Newsletter #25.
  6. NGOs Engaging with Business, Simon Heap, INTRAC, 2000.
  7. Development Cooperation in Difficult Partnerships, OECD, May 2002 Mr. Tomasoli
  8. The New Broker, Brokering Partnerships for Development, Michael Warner, Natural Resources Cluster, BPD, published by ODI, 2003
  9. IDR Reports: A Continuing Series of Occasional Papers, Strengthening North–South Partnerships: Addressing Structural Barriers to Mutual Influence by Darcy Ashman, Volume 16, Number 4, 2000
  10. Conflict Mediation Across Cultures, Pathways and Patterns, David Augsburger, Westminster/John Knox Press, Louisville , Ky , 1992.
  11. The Roles of Partnership and Bridging Leadership in Building Stronger Communities By David Winder, Director, Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building , The Synergos Institute Keynote Address to the Kenan Institute in Washington Cornerstone Conference Corporate Leadership in the Community: Corporate Leadership in an Era of Globalization , November 14-15, 2002
  12. A Paper presented at the Fourth World Bank Conference on, “Evaluation and Development: The Partnership Dimension” from 23-24 July 2001 in Washington , DC . USA , Akalu Paulos, BSc, Hdip DevtS, MADevtS, Program Advisor, ActionAid Ethiopia 2001.
  13. DEVELOPMENT AT RISK, Rethinking UN-Business Partnerships, Ann Zammit, JOINT PUBLICATION BY SOUTH CENTRE AND UNRISD, 2003